Bruce Bordeleau

CEO, President


Job description: Oversees all operations including manufacturing, finances, quality control, installations, designing, scheduling, hiring, and the direction of company. 

About Bruce:

I’ve been working in the cabinetry field since 1988.  I Started working with my father who started the company in 1978.  

I Enjoy working with clients, and problem solving.  Figuring out exactly what the client wants or likes and bringing that creativity into their physical space is what inspires me to do my best and keeps me going.  

Working with my friends in a business brings me joy.  Some days it doesn’t seem like work.  I appreciate how we all try to strive towards a better company, while we keep our base fundamentals on quality and client satisfaction.  

What co-workers have to say about Bruce: 

Bruce is pretty awesome all around!  He has such a passion and excitement for what he does. It’s totally infectious!

Bruce has a smile on 24/7. If you come in the room feeling down somehow his lighthearted personality will make you leave with a smile too. He cares about his staff and encourages them in a way that creates a positive, productive and creative atmosphere.

Christy Dodman

VP/CFO, Vice President & Cheif Financial Officer

Job Description: Manages schedules, books appointments, takes phone calls, creates contracts, manages bookkeeping and contributes to the over all organization of the shop. 

About Christy: 

I've been working at the shop since 2011, within the 6 years I've been working here it has been a pleasure to witness how this company has grown.


 It’s amazing to be able to work at a place that you want to come to everyday! We aren’t just coworkers, we are all family.


 I consider myself pretty lucky to be able to work with some amazing guys!  Each and every one of them brings something unique to the shop.

What co-workers have to say about Christy: 

Christy makes everything at the shop run smoothly. She is the cheerful voice you hear every morning and the welcoming smile to all. 

Christy is the engine that drives Bordeleau's and the oil that makes it run smooth. She's a hard working, kind hearted , call you on your nonsense type of person and we all admire and appreciate all she does.

Charley Ahscroft

Shop Floorman & Assembler/Installer

Job Description: Charley takes care of cutting most of our cabinetry on our CNC machine in the back of our shop. After he has all his cabinetry cut and sized to fit any custom job he assembles the cabinets and installs them. 

About Charley:


Charley has been working at Bordeleau's for 9 years which gives him the experience and knowledge to tackle any job.

What co-workers have to say about Charley:


Charley is a hard working guy, he takes such pride in the cabinets he builds and installs!

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Justin Philip

VPO, Vice President of Operations

Job Description: Measuring, estimating, designing and ordering custom cabinetry.

About Justin:


 I have worked at the Bordeleau custom cabinet shop since 2006.


My favorite part of this job is designing peoples dream kitchens and seeing their reaction once it is finished. What I love about this company is working with my best friends.


My co-workers make the work environment a lot of fun. There never seems to be a dull moment with our crew. It’s not ‘work’ when you are hanging out with your friends every day.

What co-workers have to say about Justin: 

Justin is a family man and he is able to take that deep caring quality and put it into each one of his designs!

Justin can design a kitchen like no one else. With his background knowledge and experience, there's no one else who can bring to the table what Justin can.  

Shaun Dalgleish

Renovation Division Partner & Kitchen Installer

Job Description: Estimates, Installs, Initial visits, takes care of renovations, tile work, and any other jobs clients may have for him.

About Shaun:

I've been a journeyman carpenter for 8 years and have been working with Bordeleau's for 4 years as a contractor and 1 year as a partner in the renovation division.


I love having the ability to take a clients dream or vision and making it a reality. I'm so happy to have found such a great like minded group that have the passion, talent and cohesiveness to create whatever dream they may be presented with.


The Bordeleau team and entire Bordeleau family are amazing people. I feel privileged to be a part of this business and can't wait to grow, learn and build along with it.

What Co-workers have to say about Shaun: 

Shaun is always on the move, I don’t think he could sit still if he tried.  His attention to detail is amazing!

There is nothing this guy can't to, his skills are over the top and he makes any design better just because of his talent. 

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